CA Intermediate Exam – Never Give Up Story By Ganesh Gangwani

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Published on April 21, 2020

This is story is my to be CA friend Ganesh Gangwani, He is one those who have supported me since my first ever blog ( even before that ). He is inspiring, intelligent and whatnot, but most importantly he never give up on his goals.

Never Give Up – John Cena

If you are a WWE fan, then surely the image of one person might have come in your mind, after reading the headline, yes the one and only JOHN CENA. The person who really follows this and inspires all of his fans.

One thing every one of us should follow is that we should never give up, specifically when our intention is for the right purpose and we are determined to achieve that.

Things don’t go always as planned. Sometimes you achieve results in the very first time while sometimes it may take various attempts, but if you’re determined and have never giving-up attitude, you will touch the greatest heights.

I am talking about attempts because I am a CA student, and if you have a CA friend, ask them they will tell you the meaning of attempts and how much of hard work is needed to clear CA exams.

Never Give Up – CA Inter Inspiring Story

I would like to share one of my stories, hope you like it.

It was my CA Intermediate exam, I was too much afraid because I failed in the first attempt and this time too I didn’t prepare well. But before entering the exam hall, I listened to one of my favorite songs to get the inner confidence, which is too much needed while writing the exam.

I went to the exam hall read question paper and was too happy and excited, and I started talking to myself that this time I will pass surely. I started writing and after 1 and half hour, 1 subject was completed, I took a break for 5 minutes and was staring everyone with happy eyes while others were writing like this is the last exam of their life and they have to pass and they don’t have any other choice.

Things don’t take much time to change.

“I decided to write for 2nd subject and what shocking thing I saw that really made me awestruck.”

I wrote my 1st subject in 2nd subject’s copy and it won’t give me a single mark because the answer copy had a barcode slip attached to it and which will go to the different checkers. I discussed it with the teacher available there, they don’t have any idea about this problem.

Now, this was the time when I was almost unconscious and everyone was now laughing at me how foolish I was that I did such a basic mistake. I begged to the invigilator standing there to please call any ICAI faculty who can give me any suggestions. The invigilator in the exam hall might not have any knowledge of CA, but she knew the pain behind my face.

She ran away immediately and called an ICAI faculty, three teachers came there and one of them was knowing me already.

A smile came on my face after seeing that teacher. I told her about my problem and was sure that she would help me 100%, but I mentioned earlier, things don’t take much time to change. That teacher shouted on me angrily and when I told her mam please help me, I will fail otherwise, she gave me a reply I never expected from her- ‘go home and prepare for next attempt‘.

panic at exam - never give up

I cried in the exam hall itself, the invigilator mam came close to me and told you have almost one hour left you can still write the first subject again in the right copy which was totally blank. I asked mam, how much time is left exactly, she told one hour and five minutes.

I started writing in the blank copy.

I was unable to write my hands were not able to write. But still, I was writing in very bad handwriting. One advantage I had here is that this time I don’t have to think and write, I simply had to copy the answers from the copy in which I wrote earlier mistakenly.


I seriously was unable to write and during such time your hands don’t follow your mind’s instructions. I talked to my mind that still, you have time, you can write and keep faith in that almighty.

I started copying and within 30 minutes I wrote that subject, still, I was left with 35 minutes. So I thought to write 2nd subject, I was given another copy, I started taking out the barcode chit from the copy I wrote mistakenly so that I can paste it in another copy I was given, but that chit wasn’t coming out and it was even tearing. So one of the invigilators advised not to tear it.

During such a time where my mind was not working at all, I came up with an idea that I could ask supplement sheets and attach that sheets on the back of my copy instead of writing in another copy. I started writing 2nd subject answers, this time I was writing selected answers only which might help me scoring passing marks.

I wrote answers, that 30 minutes were like a whole one hour. I don’t know why but that hour didn’t pass away too early as it passes generally during exams. I wrote the whole 2nd subject answers which I knew and left only two questions.

Invigilator mam came to me that time is up. I gave both of my copies happily. Invigilator collected everyone’s copy and started counting. Another thought came to my mind that I didn’t cut the answers which I wrote mistakenly in the copy.

I again went to invigilator that mam please give my copy I just want to cut the answers, this time she refused by saying it’s against the rules. I begged again this time another teacher convinced mam on my behalf to allow me to cut the answers which I wrote mistakenly. She let me do this.

I said her thank you twice and came out praying outside. Usually, boys have a habit of going to the washroom after the exam but I forgot to go this time in such a state of mind.

I came outside told the whole incident to my friends and also to my sister who had a practice of calling me after every exam. I told her not to tell this to my mother because she would take tension.

After two months’ results came out, I was praying daily. I told my sister to watch the result, she shouted so loudly that ‘Ganpati you got passed with exemption in two subjects’.

I ran very fast told my mother, she started crying she made me cry too. I went to my father, and in a crying tone I told ‘papa pass ho gaya’.

never give up john cena

So this was my story hope you liked it. This is what all I wanted to say, never give up, no matter whatever may be the circumstances, keep faith in that almighty, you will definitely succeed.

If you read this story till yet, I know you have a friend you want to share with. Go ahead it’s free!

Never Give Up

I hope you will take something out of his presence of mind and decision-making ability and ending this article with a quote.

You can’t lose if you haven’t quit right now!

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