I feel negative too, Yet I choose postivity!

Written by Roshan

I am a passionate graphic designer and a kickass animator. Spend most of my time on the computer screen and earn few $$$$ in between.

Published on April 20, 2020

Kindness begins with accepting that we all struggle and that helps you comeback from rockbottom too. Just Accept it happens with everyone!

So, welcome to a Mythbusters show, today I will try to destroy a myth for a few of those who think working online, having all the freedom to work from home makes Roshan soo positive. Despite all the good things in my life, Sometimes, I feel negative too as we all do, yet I choose Positivity! as soon as I get back to my senses.

Let’s begin asI am going to know about myself more!

Since 2014, I have a few bits of blogging. I started my first blog named DMAitApps back then in 2014 and showed people how to make Applications with Java and Netbeans. That’s maybe how I get fetched away by making Softwares for a few seniors I have worked with till now.

From 2014 to 2020 to date, I have always presented, at least tried to present myself as highly motivated and inspired personnel. And yes I am the one if I have to work on some business or the work includes computer or technology anyhow!

But being a person who always encourages people to what they love doing, I am like a resource to them who can help them technically as well as with emotional support.

But sometimes I too feel low and get negative sometimes and it gets dangerous for me cause I have always been peoples’ support and haven’t asked anyone to support me, I very scarcely ask out for help. So, I try to divert myself from things saddening me or hurting me using Games and Video games are my escape.

I am escaping any news for the past 2 years, I haven’t read a single newspaper in 2 years, I haven’t watched TV news and even I sometimes use FB Newsfeed Earidicator forremoving specific political peoples in my list from feed.

I am like at that level of escapism from the negativity that all 4 of the blogs that we manage do not post negative or controversial news since 2018, the same year I rebranded Enlightenbrains with Positivity and You tagline.

But I am not a person who stays positive and calm all the time, I have gone through bad days too, everybody does. I have been broken down a few times, almost everyone does that, its life. I have made mistakes, yep and I have learned a lot out of them. I have been a negative person and have hurt many of my closest ones. I have lost a few important relationships that have pushed me down to the rock bottom.

Here is a graph that tells about my ups and downs!

life roshan

I hope this graph look like how I wanted it to be. I wanted to make it look like the quote “Life is a Roller Coaster life” with lots and lots of ups & downs in its way. You will have to experience both, you’re not allowed to skip any one of them.

Here is a small poetry I have wrote on the same topic:

हाँ, कभी-कभी मैं गिर जाता हूँ,
उठने के बहाने खोजते हुए
मै फिर सो जाता हूँ।

पूछता हूँ, खुद से कई दफा
बिन कहे, बिन शब्दों के
कि इस ज़िन्दगी से भला
मैं क्या ही चाहता हूँ?

इन सवालों के जवाब न सही
एक दिशा जरूर मिल जाती है,
और बहला-फुसला कर खुद को
एक बार फिर खड़ा मैं हो जाता हूँ।

Again similar quote just to remind you that it happens with everyone even the strongest person who can hide it behind his/her smile.

Kindness begins with accepting that we all struggle and that helps you comeback from rockbottom too. Just Accept it happens with everyone!

And yes I am no exception. But there is a way out of it every time life throws you to rock bottom.

Read this too: 5 ways to Uplift your mood

So, what one can do to come out of that negative situation as hard as Heartbreak!

Option: Intensify work on your Career/Studies

Whenever you’re down, hurt, sad or in a bad mood. You need to release that energy. Use this anger, resentment and negative energy towards something good for yourself, become selfish and work on your business idea, starting doodling all your ideas, solve some of the hardest problems in your book and make the best use of that energy.

I know it is harder than it said. But if you program your mind to have such reflexes you will win even in a negative situation

That’s what I did and am doing every time I fell prey into this negative downside. And every time I come back stronger than I was.

I hope those who think Roshan is positive every time get a glimpse of life is not that sorted for anyone even if it looks…

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