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Published on April 19, 2020

Hey, ya peeps! This blog ain’t about me how I present myself to the world here I am trying to know myself too! The music we listen and we like makes a part of our overall personality and Its an essential need for us as human beings. This is a listicle post where I will be listing up music I listen and like plus a bonus reveal!

When I got the idea of this post I was listening to instrumental music which is shared here:

I am a big fan of Avicii’s music and this tribute video is just awesome

So, What do I listen to apart from audio-books and millionaire’s tapes while working hours on my illustrations, designs and animations? Many things, I need something to keep me concentrated into my work and music is best to partner in doing so, here is my Saavn Playlist:

Roshan’s JioSaavn Playlist

I am listing up songs here with their YouTube links and what they mean to be!

Le Jaa Tu Mujhe by Atif Aslam

For me, F.A.L.T.U is one of the best films I have watched till now! The song is from my favourite signer, which is my favourite since I was in 8th Standard! And this song made me believe in myself, I’m not sure why but that’s why it’s my number one played till now!

I became Atif’s Fan after listening to this song, unlike others who said it’s his acoustic cover songs that made them fan!

Malang ( Title Song )

I enjoyed watching Malang too. Its locations and characters made me fascinated towards the film and I liked watching it. Especially the line that says “From one high to another” that gave me heavy goosebumps and I might listen the to the whole song for the same line. Lyrics are too awesome too if one listens carefully. ( I don’t listen to thing carefully while working just fun! )

Yeh Dooriyan – Love Aaj Kal 2

I too got emotions bro! Sometimes I just want to sit my cup of tea in one hand and listening to a song while surfing Facebook/Instagram. This song has a different level of connection with me. Love Aaj Kal’s original songs were great too and this sequel’s music is superb too.

One more similar song is this by Karan Nawai. I listened to this too on repeat in some past months.

Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

This song has a very deep and beautiful meaning, Its video is certainly going to give you heavy goosebumps. I remember the lyrics of this and start murmuring whenever it plays. Maybe its first English song on the list. I have created an animation on this song and soon will realise it on social media as part of May challenge.

Never Give Up

I recently fall onto this song, Just after looking its title as I was feeling a bit low at that time. It is a great song by Sia. It’s filled with upbeat music which is often time mentioned as one of the best to listen to while working on! Lyrics are quite inspiring too…

Achutam Keshavam

This one is a bit new in the list, added it to playlist in 2020 itself. This is one of my spiritual songs I added, I feel more at peace while listening to this song. Initially, this song made me cry with tears but now it brings peace to me while working on! Jai Shree Krishna…

Rockstar by Post Malone


I didn’t understand most of this song. But I love its music and some lines that make me feel like a rockstar ( joking obviously :-D). I have listened to this song in repeat mode for days in somewhere January.

Pump-It-Up from Chance pe Dance

Just one chance! One chance to Dance here is one from contestant number 7. Pump-It-Up is one of the rare songs I can dance a bit upon. In summer vacations of 2014, I took dance classes for a month. I still love the beats this song has…

I am a huge fan of Sahid’s acting and his dance moves in films like chance pe dance, Mausam etc.

O Paalanhaare from Lagaan

I am not sure how I am going to express what I feel when listening to this song. This song put me in a place where I am discipline, not an enjoyer nor a sufferer. It sounds too crazy to believe but this song has some super vibes that reach my mind and my soul. Love it…

Nidarr by Dino James

Dino is one of my current favourite singer/rappers. Maybe I like his story, his beginning, his story and his choices in topics that reflect his real-life instead of heroic and super hero’s life. His songs are inspiring and this song has a deep connection with me and you.  We have altered egos, our inner-self which sometimes helps us and sometimes constraints our work. I have planned an animation on this song too will release this in May this year.


Carriminati aka Ajey Nagar is one of the most famous YouTubers and a Youth Icon in India. And this song is, in my opinion, is a superb representation of a teenager’s life. Highly relatable, a bit depressing and a bit inspiring, Just as my writing style has been since long. Great Crafted music by Wily Frenzy.

Road se Crore take ki hai yeh Zindagi

Kill Em With Kindness – Salena Gomez

This song is a masterpiece in terms of its music I like to whistle around with it all the time it plays. I always remember it when I am angry because Kindness is better than any revenge. Salena did a great work of inspiring with her music, I love this song too…

Time for Bonus Content

So, I wrote there will be a bonus, The bonus is simply a soundtrack I found which focused me while I was writing articles and making designs for animations. I am sharing that soundtrack below and I hope it helps you too… Enjoy Working

Remember I love listening to those who want to talk to me, If you have songs for me, tell me in the comment box would love to know you and your songs list!

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