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Written by Roshan

I am a passionate graphic designer and a kickass animator. Spend most of my time on the computer screen and earn few $$$$ in between.

Published on April 17, 2020

First, this small excerpt from my recent Facebook post, in which I shared a glimpse of what I am going to reveal in this blog post.

Again I am writing here for myself and If you could take anything out of this I will be super glad and claps for you cause beauty lies in the eye of the viewer who see it! Kudos to you *taali wali emoji here*


You have to start from zero again and again. That’s how success is attracted. By being soo stubborn that giving up is not an option.
I was evaluating myself and seen a lots of flaws in my behavior that were un noticed till today…
From Roshan who was never afraid of creating things from Zero…
To someone who just want things premade…
From Roshan who worked 90+ hours to make a animated character for himself…
To someone who didn’t have courage to do it again…
Some down situations made me;
Less efficient and more reactive…
Less Immune to downs and more hyped for ups…
But today onward I will taking things back to be that Roshan who had less money…
Who had less resources…
Yet much bigger ❤️ and even bigger 😊 and even greater mindset…
#neverGivingUp #NoReactionBeCalm Ps: In Photo Ganesh Ji, mujhe aise pose mein meri photo nahi mili 😅


Alright, the answer to the above question is simple, by simple I mean what someone will be doing on his blog. Expressing himself out!

Maybe out bursting things he didn’t tell anybody or things he always wanted to share with his friends, specifically with you.

Yeah, that’s one solid reason for making a personal blog, yet not the sole reason for me! I am doing this for myself! I wrote this above and in the previous post to!

Now back to Why? Answer to this is very interesting!

Back in 2016 when I started my first blog, I didn’t have many resources for making it. I saved around Rs. 2400 from the money I got as pocket money in the summer holidays after 12th class.

I bought a domain name, a web hosting and of course, recharged my phone with 3GB data plan ( It was around Rs. 359 at the time )

It took me several hours of learning, building, breaking, fixing things around and finally after 2 days of work, I did that etechbytes.com was my first ever blog in tech niche. I wrote a lot and in turn, It grew up my knowledge and understanding of what blogging is!


I can mention hundreds of people who helped me, inspired me and yes even supported by sharing their resources. I was also low on resources when I was starting out, when my PC broke down once I wrote articles on someone else’s laptop borrowing it!

But hard work pays guys, I got my AdSense approved on-site so I could earn dollars I have dreamt of while making Etechbytes. I Made somewhat 12 Dollars with it and a mishap happened.

And in November that site got hacked, I lost 1800 visitors/week and came back to zero! I tried a lot to get a backup or anything that could bring that blog back but I failed and Zero was what I left with!

I was not that sad, but happy cause it left me with a lot and lot of knowledge of writing, SEO, photo editing and creation and WordPress setup. I also learnt an important lesson of keeping backup of websites! It’s a great thing to remember.

Created a new website, with a purpose this time, built a team too. I have been fired up the student that time. Enlightenbrains was the result! We did an amazing job at it!

At least I know what I did. Let me tell you that.

I sacrificed my sleep at night working till 3 AM on websites layout, design and content.

It was great again and we got one more Adsense but what I learnt by enlightenbrains.com was how important positivity in one’s life. I got my positivity because of enlightenbrains.com.

I will be grateful to those who stood by me when I could not take the pain alone, I was poor at asking and right now I am poorer at asking. I don’t ask for help! very rarely to very few people!

But when I created Enlightenbrains YouTube Channel, the channel got terminated due to multiple copyright strikes and again from 174 subscribers we got down to zero!

I have been happy with zeros in my life, every zero gave me something to remember, something which I learnt, something which made me, me!

But I didn’t give up! That attitude I recently saw myself losing with, I have lost my never give up attitude! First thing I want to get back with this blog! By learning complex designing and investing 100s of hours for zero money! 

Giving myself the pain of writing 1000s of words where I am lazy that I can’t write 300 words completely.

Never Give Attitude is a blessing you can build for yourself! And I will attain it at any cost here!

When this all was happening I didn’t react that much, I remained calm most of the time! Even when a classmate tried beating me in the whole class. Maybe when you love somebody their words matter more than you respect! 

I did hold my anger most of the time because someones’ is always waiting for me, I guessed so! 

But the pain of separation made me reactive. So that I had a negative reaction for every small irritating thing and which would last for longer than a week!

The second thing I want to control this reaction!

In Upcoming 10 days, I will write in detail about my online successes and failures in upcoming posts. Will be glad if it helps you. You can ask things in comments!

I hope I will achieve these two objectives.

Thanks for reading, remember I Love each one of you who read what I go through! Wishing you happiness and safety in a critical time like these.

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