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I am a passionate graphic designer and a kickass animator. Spend most of my time on the computer screen and earn few $$$$ in between.

Published on April 16, 2020

The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside us daily.

hello there

Hello there, Roshan Motwani, this side! Usually, I am the person who gets called when someone faces a technical problem or need help with computers and technology. To such an extent I started to call myself the technical guy since the year of 2018, Yet today I made this personal blog just to write to myself.

An Idea that struck with me is maybe I am not what people call me or what I tell myself I am and by accepting that technical expertise maybe I am restricting myself.

With the above quote, I with 3 more people started Enlightenbrains, a website to showcase everyone’s talent. I can’t recall the whole journey yet but it was surely a hell of a rollercoaster ride for every one of us. Life is the same I guess.

But we build it, by some luck and lots and lots of hard work, learning things, applying, losing and winning. But recently I saw some flawed traits I had developed due to no matter what. The point is I need to eradicate those.

With this blog I will try to know them, Describing my journey as detailed as I can. It will help in knowing myself on a deeper level. 

By chance, if you fall here, this blog ain’t for you. It’s for me. Still, if you get some value that great. Remember beauty lies in the eyes of viewers. Claps for you though!

Anyways good day reader, hope you will happy and safe at your home!


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